Blednę skały

Błędne Skały and Szczeliniec

Definitely one of the most popular places in the area worth visiting. Błędne Skały, located in the Table Mountains National Park, and Szczeliniec Wielki, which belongs to the Polish Crown of Mountains, are picturesque labyrinths of corridors, crevices, alleys and interesting rock formations, which have been given names referring to their appearance – Kurza Stopka, Okręt, Małpolud and others.

Good to know

Tourist routes have been marked out to Szczeliniec Wielki, which is the highest peak of the Table Mountains, and to Błędne Skały, both of which have recently been ticketed, which made it possible to regulate and improve the sightseeing. There are also viewpoints with a fabulous mountain panorama and the PTTK shelter “Na Szczeliniec”.


If you are wondering where to park your car, the most convenient option is the upper paid parking lot at Błędne Skały (you pass Kudowa-Zdrój, on the last section before the parking lot there is a shuttle traffic: entry on the hour, exit half an hour later; you can buy a ticket online). However, if you only wanted to conquer Szczeliniec, after reaching Karłów, at the entrance to the route you will also find a large parking lot and several smaller ones, all paid (you can buy a ticket for the main parking lot online). The second option is a free parking lot at Polana YMCA, about an hour’s walk from Błędne Skały, but there are not always free spaces, especially during the peak season.

How long does it take to get to Błędne Skały? If you leave your car in the upper parking lot, the entire route back will take no more than an hour, while reaching Szczeliniec Wielki will take less than 2 hours. You can also go to Szczeliniec from Radków or Pasterka, where there is a PTTK shelter of the same name.

When planning a trip to Szczeliniec and/or Błędne Skały, book your tickets in advance on the Park’s website:

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You will also find a lot of useful information there.

Dogs are prohibited on both routes.