Cross-country eldorado

Cross-country eldorado

Anyone who comes to Lasówka mainly for cross-country skiing will not be disappointed. We have routes to choose from, to choose from!

Czech cross-country trails

Due to the altitude, and therefore lower temperature and higher snowfall, cross-country trails in the Czech Republic start the fastest, i.e. Velka and Mala Deštna, Petičesti, Šerlich, and they usually close the season in April. Since Lasówka is located right next to the border, the distance from Czech cross-country trails is 5-10 km by car. You can also get to the Czech cross-country trails on foot via a bridge at the height of the church in Lasówka, where behind the Bedřichovka slope you will find a groomed connector to Velka Deštná.

Burned Cross-Country Skiing Station

The Cross-Country Ski Station in Spalona boasts well-maintained trails (distance from Lasówka is approx. 10 km) – here, in addition to several groomed trails (the longest and most interesting is the one to Jagodna), you can also find such useful bonuses as a rental, a cross-country ski instructor, and delicious food. in the PTTK Jagodna shelter.


Cross-country trails in Lasówka

The closest running routes are, of course, those in Lasówka. They are located in the upper part of Lasówka, leave the main road at the church, towards the forest. If the snow cover is sufficiently thick, Ósemka is groomed – a loop in a figure-eight clearing, less than 5 km long. If there is more snow, Trzynastka (13 km long) is also groomed – a charming route through the forest, which, apart from the “Serpentynki” section, is quite easy. An additional bonus is the connector between both loops.

Cross-country trails in Zieleniec

Another proposition, especially for mixed cross-country and skiing pairs, are the cross-country trails in Zieleniec. Most of them start at “Kamień” – this is the popular name of the place just before the entrance to Zieleniec (from the DK8 side), where there is an obelisk with a commemorative plaque dedicated to Heinrich Rübartsch – a local precursor of active tourism and cross-country skiing. There is also a small parking lot and an information board with a map showing individual running routes. These routes are marked, quite easy, regularly groomed, with a trail to the classic. The scenic value is also not to be missed – some of the trails allow you to admire the beautiful mountain panorama.

Good to know

Night running

Of course, you can always go cross-country skiing after dark or even in the middle of the night, all you need is a headlamp. But we have a real game changer here – illuminated cross-country trails right at the border, open during the season from dusk to 9-10 p.m. It’s worth going to experience something like this, because cross-country trails with lighting are a real rarity in Poland. Crossing the border in Mostowice, we turn right and after approximately 2 km we will see an illuminated parking lot and the beginning of the route, with a total length of approximately 12 km. The second option for running after dark is the Polish Biathlon Center at Jamrozowa Polana in Duszniki-Zdrój, which, in addition to illuminated running routes, is also equipped with a system of artificial snow cannons. Current conditions on cross-country trails, preparation status and the position of snow groomers can be found on the website