Varied topography, good quality asphalt roads and picturesque forest paths attract crowds of cyclists on mountain, trekking and road bikes to the Lasówka area. Because what could be more exciting than struggling with your own fatigue while driving uphill and then going downhill? Although competitive training is also conducted on the nearby routes, most often you can meet here simply amateurs who love cycling. Among the numerous forest paths, ideal for mountain bikers, everyone will choose something appropriate to their skills and fitness. A real treat also awaits fans of asphalt routes, as there are a number of bicycle trails on both sides of the Polish-Czech border.

Many trails and bicycle routes around Lasówka:

  1. section of the international bicycle route ER 2 – Liczyrzepa
  2. marked bicycle trails of varying difficulty: Zieleniec, Duszniki Zdrój, Niemojów
  3. Singletrack Glacensis network
  4. route of the Kłodzko Classic
  5. Polish-Czech tourist routes
  6. Czech Cyklobus (bus with bicycle trailer)

A few suggestions

One of the sections of the international bicycle route ER 2 runs through Lasówka – the Liczyrzepa Trail (section ER-2B, 67 km long), leading from Międzylesie to Ostra Brama (Czech Republic). The trail runs through the Bystrzyckie Mountains, the Wild Orlica Valley and the Table Mountains. Route: Międzylesie – Lesica – Niemojów – Rudawa – Mostowice – Lasówka – Rozdroże Pod Bieścem – Szczytna – Batory – Batorek – Karłów – Ostra Góra (Czech border).

The next trail is a 45 km long route leading from Szczytna to Bystrzyca Kłodzka, mostly on dirt roads through the Bystrzyckie Mountains and the Upper Nysa Trench. Route: Szczytna – Kamienna Góra – Bystrzyca valley – Młoty – Spalona – Poręba – Długopole Zdrój – Długopole Dolne – Bystrzyca Kłodzka.

For those who are looking for routes that start and end here in Lasówka, we can recommend loops using parts of other trails. An interesting proposition may be the route to Niemojów: we go through Mostowice, leave the border crossing on the right and then, leaving the main road, we head towards Niemojów along road no. 389, pass Rudawa, Poniatów, Niemojów, then cross the border via the bridge on the Orlica River, then Czech Bartošovice , Neratov, Černá Voda (road no. 311) and again the Orlické Záhoři – Mostowice border, after crossing which we turn left along the road back to Lasówka. Route length – 42 km.

Another trail worth recommending is a loop located entirely on the Czech side of the Orlické Mountains. From Lasówka we go to the border crossing Mostowice / Orlické Záhoři, then left to Říčky, then heading towards Deštné we pass Pustiny, Zdobnice, Kamenec (road no. 310). Leaving Deštné on the left, we return to road No. 311, heading back to the Czech-Polish crossing. On the way, we pass the Masarykova Chata mountain shelter on the left side, then Bedřichovka, Kunštat and we are again in Orlické Záhoři, from where, after crossing the border, we turn left to Lasówka. Route length – 54 km.

Another loop around Lasówka is the route leading through the Royal Forest. Heading towards Zieleniec at the end of Lasówka (approx. 200 m behind the forester’s lodge on the right), take the forest road that turns at an angle of 900 to the right. After approximately 4 km, we reach another forest road located perpendicularly and turn right. After a while, we pass two tracks going off to the left – this is Rozdroże pod Bieścem. We don’t get confused and follow our path, which bends to the right. After another 2 km we reach the next fork – we turn right again, passing the lock. We have in front of us a charming, over 5 km long section leading along the Bystrzyca River. Then we reach the red trail and turn right towards Przełęcz pod Ubocze, and after almost 4 km we reach the asphalt road from Bystrzyca Kłodzka, which after another kilometer we will reach Lasówka. Route length – 20 km.

A few bonuses

In addition to stunning mountain landscapes, including a panorama of the Orlické Mountains and the Wild Orlice Valley, tourists with bicycles in the summer can enjoy ski lifts in Zieleniec, thanks to which they can get to the Czech Šerlich and continue exploring the area, first along the ridge of the Orlické Mountains, and then exploring the Czech area.

For singletrack enthusiasts, we recommend the recently opened Singletrack Glacensis network, the nearest routes are Pętla Jagodna (12.9 km long) and those in Duszniki Zdrój (loops: Gajowa, Sołtysia, Widokowa, Orlicka).

If you value the sightseeing aspect more and are still working on your fitness, we have good news – there are also electric bike rentals in the area, and several lines of the Czech Cyklobus (bus with a trailer for bicycles) run through nearby Orlické Záhoří, so you can plan your longer trip.

Cyclobuses run on weekends, from May to September, the timetable for 2023 can be found here.

Download the timetable for 2023

Our region is also known for hosting events such as: The Kłodzko Classic (all loops lead through Lasówka), the MTB marathon and the Tour de Pologne, which attract both professionals, amateurs and fans of cycling sports every year.