Downhill and cross-country skis

Skiing to Zieleniec or the Czech Republic

The specific microclimate, compared to the Alpine one, and the northern inclination of the slopes make the ski season one of the longest in Poland – November snowfalls usually allow the season to open in the first days of December. However, for many skiers, a perfect opportunity to end the season is Easter, which you can celebrate by staying in Lasówka and go skiing – the temperature is usually much higher than in winter, but there is still snow on the slopes and slopes, snow groomers are working, and ski lifts are operating. .

Zieleniec Sport Arena boasts the richest skiing infrastructure, located just 5 km from Lasówka. Lots of lifts (from belts and T-bar lifts to couches and gondolas), 23 km of ski slopes, a snow park, a half pipe, as well as rentals and ski schools open every day from 9 am. Since most of the routes are illuminated, you can finish skiing at 20 on night rides.

All parking lots in Zieleniec are free of charge, and one lift ticket is required, available at the ticket offices at the slopes. You can choose between time tickets (for hours or days) and point tickets. If you get hungry or need to relax with a cup of hot tea, you can choose from a wide range of bars and restaurants throughout Zieleniec.

Lasówka’s location right next to the border means you can also go skiing to the Czech Republic. However, in the area there is not one large winter sports center, but several smaller ones, with single ski lifts and several routes. And so, within a short distance, we can ski at: Ski Center Říčky (6-person couch, 2 T-bar lifts, children’s belt; 3 downhill slopes; the center starts at 8 a.m.), Bedřichovka (t-bar lift), Areál Černá Voda (t-bar lift), Ski Center Deštné (2 couches and 3 T-bars, 6 slopes), and soon in the Skiareál Orlické Záhoří (sofa), which is preparing to open.

Where to go cross-country skiing?

There are several correct answers here, depending on whether it is the beginning, middle or end of the season, whether winter is spoiling us or whether it is bad. The closest running routes are those in Lasówka. They are located in the upper part of the village, leave the main road at the church, towards the forest. If the snow cover is sufficiently thick, Ósemka is groomed – a loop in a figure-eight clearing, less than 5 km long. As the snow cover increases, the next route is also being prepared: Trzynastka (13 km long) – a charming forest route which, apart from the “Serpentynki” section, is quite flat and easy. An additional bonus is the connector between both loops.

The Cross-Country Ski Station in Spalona boasts well-maintained trails (distance from Lasówka is approx. 10 km) – here, in addition to several groomed trails (the longest and most interesting is the one to Jagodna), you can also find such useful bonuses as a rental, a cross-country ski instructor, and delicious food. in the PTTK Jagodna shelter.

The next proposal is cross-country trails in the Czech part of the Orlické Mountains, mainly around Wielka and Mała Desztná, between Šerlich and Orlice in Zieleniec, and Pěticesti and Cihalek. Due to the fact that they are the highest of all the trails mentioned here, they are covered with snow the earliest, so they are the first to be groomed in the season. At the same time, good running conditions last the longest here, usually in April. Just go by car towards Mostowice, after the border crossing, turn right and follow the main road. A large free parking lot on the left side of the road means we have reached our destination (distance 14 km). There is a map by the road with marked routes. A little further on the right side we will see the second parking lot and the Masarykova Chata shelter – this is the direction you should go if you have decided to take the route to Šerlich, connecting with Polish trails.

Where to go cross-country skiing?

Another proposition, especially for mixed cross-country and skiing pairs, are the cross-country trails in Zieleniec, which connect with Czech trails. They begin at “Kamień”. This is the popular name of the place right before the entrance to Zieleniec (from DK 8), where there is an obelisk with a commemorative plaque dedicated to Heinrich Rübartsch – a local pioneer of active tourism and cross-country skiing. There is also an information board with a map here, showing individual running routes. These routes are marked, quite easy, regularly groomed, with a trail to the classic. The scenic value is also not to be missed – some of the trails allow you to admire the beautiful mountain panorama. Particularly worth recommending is the “Zieleniec” route, which runs above the ski lifts. According to insiders, you can feel the superiority of cross-country skiing over downhill skiing, literally. The connection of the routes with well-maintained Czech trails for runners additionally increases their attractiveness.


It is also worth mentioning the route to Jamrozowa Polana (Polish Biathlon Center). It also starts at “Kamień”, but you have to go to the other side of the access road. This trail is approximately 7 km long and leads through forests.

Night runs

Of course, you can always go cross-country skiing after dark or even in the middle of the night, all you need is a headlamp. But we have a real game changer here – illuminated cross-country trails right at the border, i.e. Ski Arena Orlické Záhoří, open every day during the season from dusk to 21. It is worth going to experience something like this, because cross-country trails with lighting are a real rarity in Poland. Crossing the border in Mostowice, we turn right and after approximately 2 km we will see an illuminated parking lot and the beginning of the route, with a total length of approximately 12 km.