Winter in the mountains

Winter in the mountains

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If from spring to autumn you consistently refuse to put your skis or board in the garage, basement or attic, and all summer long you impatiently move your legs, dreaming of a corduroy on the slope or a beautiful loop with a trail to the classic, you’ve come to the right place – at Lasówka we understand it perfectly!

In order not to waste your time, we have prepared for you a quick overview of the most useful information that will allow every skier, snowboarder and cross-country skier to make the most of their stay in Lasówka.

Noclegi to podstawa

In Lasówka, we focus on intimacy: here you will find accommodation in agritourism, cottages in the mountains, guest rooms, and small guesthouses.

Local accommodation is available here:

Local accommodation

And if you choose to be spontaneous, last minute offers and other opportunities include:

Special offers

Where to go skiing?

Of course, the first answer is: to Zieleniec! There you will find plenty of slopes and lifts, a gondola and ropes for children, as well as a snow park and a full-size halfpipe. You use all lifts with one ski pass, which you can buy at every ticket office at the slope. You can choose the best option for you: single journeys, multi-day passes, point tickets, time passes. Second correct answer: to the Czech Republic! Since Lasówka is located directly on the Polish-Czech border, skiing in the Czech Republic has many advantages. Our neighbors offer several interesting resorts, much more intimate (i.e. with one or several routes), but with very well-kept slopes. The closest to Lasówka are: the newly opened Skiareál Orlické Záhoří (sofa), Bedřichovka (trail lift), Areál Černá Voda, Ski Centrum Deštné (sofa and ski lift) and Ski Centrum Říčky.

Don’t worry, our middle name (actually, our first name) is “Run Runners”. There are several correct answers here, depending on whether it is the beginning, middle or end of the season, whether winter is spoiling us or whether it is bad. The closest running routes are those in Lasówka. They are located in the upper part of Lasówka, leave the main road at the church, towards the forest. If the snow cover is sufficiently thick, Ósemka is groomed – a loop in a figure-eight clearing, less than 5 km long. If there is more snow, Trzynastka (13 km long) is also groomed – a charming route through the forest, which, apart from the “Serpentynki” section, is quite easy. An additional bonus is the connector between both loops. In addition, in the immediate vicinity you can cross-country ski in Spalona, around Wielka and Mała Destná, in Zieleniec, on Jamrozowa Polana and on illuminated cross-country trails in the Czech Republic.

We write more about cross-country skiing here:

More about cross-country skiing

Ski rentals and schools

Along the entire length of Zieleniec, there are several ski equipment rental shops and schools where you can buy lessons with an instructor. You can find cross-country ski rentals both in Zieleniec and in Spalona (near the PTTK “Jagodna” shelter).

Ski Bus

You can also get to Zieleniec from Lasówka by ski bus. The stops are located along the main road, so just check which one is closest to your place of stay and choose a convenient departure and return time. More details can be found here – linking.


Parking lots
All parking lots in Zieleniec are free. In addition to parking spaces intended for guests of individual resorts, located directly next to hotels and guesthouses, there are also several large public parking lots for skiers. Guesthouses and agritourism resorts in Lasówka also offer free parking lots for their guests, as does the PTTK “Jagodna” shelter in Spalona

Where to eat?

Although we do not have any pubs in Lasówka itself, we can recommend several good places to eat something warm in the immediate vicinity: Zieleniec and all restaurants and bars located next to hotels and guesthouses (distance: 5 km), the PTTK Jagodna shelter in Spalona (distance 10 km), restaurants in Duszniki-Zdrój (12 km away), and Czech cuisine in Horská Chata Záhoří (5 km away).

Can I buy rolls or beer here somewhere?

There is a grocery store in Lasówka, located in Sudecka Chata, where you can buy basic groceries and several brands of beer (Tyskie, Żywiec, Żubr, Piast). If you want to shop for breakfast, you will find fresh bread, cold meats and cheeses in the shop in Orlické Zahoři (5 km), along with Czech beer and spirits.

Car problems

If your biggest problem is the fact that you forgot to refuel, the nearest gas stations are in Duszniki-Zdrój (an additional advantage is that you are going downhill, so you can drive down on fumes). There you will also find such useful addresses as: mechanic and car repair shop, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance (we recommend Fan Auto opposite Orlen)

Good to know

In case of emergency
While we wish everyone a great skiing experience without major worries, there is always a chance that professional help will be needed. The Rescue Station of the Sudecka Group GOPR is located in Zieleniec itself, while the nearest Emergency Department is in Polanica-Zdrój, in the Hospital at ul. JP II No. 2.