Stunning nature

Fall in love with nature

This is undoubtedly the greatest advantage of Lasówka – the combination of the rolling meadows of the Dzika Orlica Valley with the spruce and beech forests of the Orlické Mountains creates a unique composition. All this is surrounded by babbling mountain streams and topped with Natura 2000. This stunning nature hides many secrets that only more attentive tourists can discover. Below you will find some of our tips, the rest is up to you.

Half an atlas of protected and rare plants

Extensively used meadows, unencumbered by grazing, agricultural production and intensive fertilization, are rewarded with a wide range of diverse vegetation, many of which are under strict protection.

And so our queen is the Kłodzko rose, i.e. the protected European globe flower, which has been a symbol of the Kłodzko region for years. Since it belongs to the buttercup family, it resembles its popular cousin. Its full, intensely yellow flowers appear in the second half of May and early June. It likes wet, swampy places, of which there are still many in Lasówka.

Good to know

Orchids found in Poland are also under strict or partial species protection, including the broad-leafed cuckoo found in Lasówka.

Among other rare protected specimens, in Lasówka or the immediate vicinity you can also find plants such as: round-leafed sundew, stemless nine-leaf, Czech gentian, autumn winterberry, daphne.

A truly fairy-tale effect is created by fields of blooming cotton grass. Although the plant is not a protected species, it is quite rare because it occurs in peat bogs, the area of which – also in Lasówka – is rapidly decreasing, among others. due to the drainage of increasingly larger areas for residential development. If you encounter a sight that resembles a cotton field in mid-May, it will most likely be a blooming cotton plant. In addition to Lasówka, there are also: in the area of Peatbog Pod Zieleńcem.


We remind you: do not pick or dig up protected plants! There is a small chance that such a specimen will thrive in a new place, in conditions that are not suited to its requirements. You can buy many species and varieties in garden nurseries, where they were bred specifically for home gardens, and the probability that such a plant will please you for many years is much greater.

In addition to flora, there is also fauna

The stunning world of plants is only half of the wealth that can be enjoyed in this part of the Sudetes. If you are lucky, you may meet another symbol of our lands – the mouflon, sometimes called the forest sheep. In addition, of course, there are other forest inhabitants such as deer, roe deer, hares and wild boars.

Among the birds, it is worth mentioning several rarities that are under strict species protection: snipe, corncrake, black stork, kestrel, red kite and cranes. All of them can be seen or heard in Lasówka, over the meadows along Dzika Orlica. The most characteristic, but also delightful, are certainly the loud cry of a pair of cranes in the morning, the “creks, creks” of the corncrake or the vibrating sounds of the flight feathers of a courting snipe.