Kudowa zdrój


During your stay in Lasówka, it is worth visiting nearby resorts, the most famous of which is certainly Kudowa-Zdrój. Mountain health resorts are full of charming nooks and crannies, and leisurely walks along the promenades and discovering interesting places have many supporters.

To warm up, we suggest a walk around the extremely well-kept Spa Park, whose main avenue is topped with a picturesque pond where you can observe ducks and swans from spring to autumn. At the other end of the park alley there is a Mineral Water Pump Room and numerous cafes and restaurants nearby.

In the summer season, right next to the Pump Room, on the stage of the historic Spa Amphitheatre, various performances, concerts and artistic events take place.


If we go to this area, it is also worth visiting Pstrążna, where we can find the Trail of Vanishing Trades and an open-air museum, i.e. the Museum of Folk Culture of the Sudeten Foothills, which, in addition to sightseeing, offers participation in various workshops and shows (e.g. bread baking, blacksmithing).

Good to know

The open-air museum is open from April to October, and the current calendar of events is available at: skansen-kudowa.pl.

Another popular place for trips is the nearby Chapel of Skulls in Czermna, decorated with skulls and crossbones of approximately 3,000 years ago. victims of the Silesian Wars, the Thirty Years’ Wars and the epidemic prevailing at that time, and others are located in underground crypts.